Nicolas Cage wanted to build a movie studio in Las Vegas for $80 million, ‘but Elon Musk came along’

Nicolas Cage wanted to build a movie studio in Las Vegas
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“I almost made it, I almost got a movie studio.”

In full promotion ofA Solid Gold Talent, Nicholas Cage multiplies the revelations about his career. Invited to Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, he for example revealed his desire to found a film studio in Las Vegas, the city where he made his home. For tax reasons, he admits.

“But afterwards, I learned to love him, he replies, laughing. Vegas has been great for me, really. It is both a small and a big city. Probably one of the most unique places in the world. If you want to go to the strip club, you can. If you just want to hang out at a good restaurant with locals, you can do that too. And I had great experiences filming here too. Leaving Las VegasIt was great. Honeymoon in Las Vegas, also. I feel a good mojo here. I tried to build a film studio there, but Elon Musk arrived and all the money I had raised to invest with the city in this project – we are talking about 80 million dollars – they preferred to put it in his company Tesla. Which, ironically, dried up the city. But I almost succeeded, I almost had a film studio.”

Here is the video in VO:

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The story ofA talent in solid gold : Nicolas Cage is now an actor in debt waiting for the big role that will boost his career. To repay some of his debts, his agent offers him to go to the birthday party of a dangerous billionaire who turns out to be his biggest fan. But the stay takes a completely different turn when the CIA contacts him, asking him to investigate the criminal activities of his host. Nicolas Cage is going to have to play the part of his life and prove he lives up to his own legend.

Trailer :

Nicolas Cage plays meta in A Talent in Solid Gold

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