Night and Day: Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise discuss their reunion after Vanilla Sky

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Night and Day (Premiere)

James Mangold’s action comedy will return tomorrow night on France 2.

On the occasion of the rebroadcast of Night and Day, tomorrow evening from 9:05 p.m. on France 2, a look back at its eventful creation. Note that the film will be followed by Spy Game, a thriller worn by another very popular duo, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford.

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July 2010, Cameron Diaz and Tom cruise are on the cover of First to present Night and day, an entertainment staged by James mangold, the director of Cop Land, Walk the Line and more recently the last two Wolverine battle of the immortal and Logan. Night and day is an action comedy where romance and humor are as important as the physical stunts: “This balance is extremely delicate to find, believe me, Cruise commented to Mathieu Carratier. It takes a crazy job. It is for this reason that we ultimately see very few films of this genre. “ The project marked especially the reunion between the two stars eight years after the drama Vanilla Sky, where Cameron’s character ends up trying to kill Tom’s! “I’m sure she brought me the script for Night and Day to make amends.”, amused the person concerned before returning without surprise on their many scenes of action. “It may not be seen, but deep down I’m a 14 year old boy”, exclaimed Diaz before telling an unforgettable anecdote about the filming of a motorcycle sequence in the middle of the Cadiz fair:

CAMERON: “I was behind Tom on a motorbike slaloming between bulls jostling each other and eventually climbing on top of each other while people found themselves thrown against the walls …
TOM: It looked like ping-pong with human beings instead of the ball. And, during that time, I had to keep control of the bike, with Cameron clinging to me like crazy.
CAMERON: You told me to hang on!
TOM: I kept telling myself: ‘You won’t fall with Cameron Diaz on your motorbike, you won’t fall with Cameron Diaz on your motorbike …’
CAMERON: And I was like, ‘Tom Cruise is not going to fall with Cameron Diaz on his motorcycle.’ (To laugh.)”

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True to his reputation as a daredevil, Tom cruise also insisted that there was nothing relaxing about the shots, even though the team multiplied the dream destinations:

“This shoot was insane. We went through Seville, Salzburg, Jamaica …
Did the studio pay you a vacation, actually?

I don’t know about you, but I rarely go on vacation with a team of 150 people! “

Night and Day (Premiere)

Tom Cruise re-enacts all his legendary roles

The director explained for his part that this comedy represented in 2010 “exactly the movie Tom was supposed to make at the time. The one we all want to see him in. I told him frankly that for the last five or six years his choices have tended too much towards action and drama with hyper serious films which completely neglected his comic, eccentric streak. (…) I’m not sure Tom would approve but, for me, it’s as if Ethan Hunt (the hero of Impossible mission, editor’s note) found himself confronted with the midlife crisis. As if he were suddenly wondering: ‘What is the point of all this? No one appreciates what I do. I save the world and nobody cares. Besides, I don’t have a life. ‘ (Laughter.) A woman comes into his life then, and he has no idea how he’s going to handle the situation. If it had been a James Bond girl only thinking about sex in exotic countries, he might have known what to do. But this girl loves him for who he is, and that’s beyond him. “

Trailer of Night and day :

The first action movie to be shot in space starring Tom Cruise will be directed by Doug Liman

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