Nightmare Alley: Mystery Deepens in Ultimate Trailer

Can Bradley Cooper Really Read Minds or Trick His Customers? Unless he himself is being manipulated?

Two months later a very intriguing first trailer of Nightmare alley, on the subject “is he a man or a beast?”, Fox Searchlight unveils a new video from Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film, even more intense. Building on the success of The Shape of Water, the Mexican filmmaker leaves the world of the fantastic for that of film noir, plunging the spectators into an art deco and gothic atmosphere to follow, details the synopsis, “Stanton Carlisle, a former Carnival worker who becomes a star of a big city as a cabaret artist, using mentalist tricks, making him look like a powerful telepath, able to read minds . Now the spectators he targets are millionaires. Cate Blanchett will play Dr Lilith Ritter, a psychiatrist who first tries to expose him as a charlatan, then finds herself embroiled in his schemes … “

Nightmare Alley – Guillermo del Toro: “It’s more of a classic noir film than a horror film.”

This montage therefore shows once again the manipulation game that is created between the different characters played by Cooper and Blanchett, but also Willem Dafoe, Toni Collette, Richard Jenkins, Ron Perlman, Rooney Mara, Holt McCallany, Clifton Collins Jr., Tim Blake Nelson, Mary Steenburgen and David Strathairn. All have roles for the moment mysterious, and the entire trailer leaves a disturbing atmosphere, as if his hero was in danger, locked in his own game. It is not clear who is manipulating who, and it seems to be at the heart of the stakes of this film expected on January 19 at the cinema.

Alexandre Desplat leaves Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley

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