Nine Perfect Strangers: the human is tortured, the proof by 9 (criticism)

Nine Perfect Strangers

Facing the guru Nicole Kidman, a casting in total osmosis for a lunar and indescribable psychiatric series.

Four years after the fantastic Big Little Lies (we have already forgotten this season 2), Nicole kidman find the writer Liane Moriarty for a brand new series adapted from another of his novels, Nine Perfect Strangers. When writing, it’s again David E. Kelley that sticks to it. And as with his luxurious drama in Monterey, he sketches the portrait of damaged, fascinating, complex, odious, jubilant individuals.

Because Nine Perfect Strangers is, first and foremost, a series of characters. In a health and wellness center that promises healing and inner transformation, nine stressed city dwellers come to try to reconnect with happiness. Except that the owner of the place, the mystic Masha, has methods that are not easy to integrate. During this 10-day retreat, the curious white-clad therapist says she wants to invigorate their tired minds and bodies. These “9 strangers” have no idea what to expect …

As in the days of BLL, Kelley has managed to assemble a five-star cast to embody these clients as human as they are loathsome. Charismatic Bobby cannavale has a Michael shannon against use, through a touching Melissa McCarthy or one Luke evans rough, each delivers a formidable score, surprisingly generous, in turn tender and brutal, moving and contemptible. Each of the characters is wonderfully written, and each dialogue slams in the saturated air of this relaxation center where tension is king.

It’s unhealthy, inconvenient, elusive, like the enigmatic mistress of the center. Nicole kidman embodies a sort of impenetrable guru, with relative wisdom and a frankly disturbing Russian accent. Her patients find it hard to pinpoint her. And U.S. too. Where are Masha and the show going? Nine Perfect Strangers really takes all his time to dilute his mysteries and crack, one by one, the shells of his characters. It’s a bit annoying at times … but we take a deep breath. And we realize that patience is the mother of all virtues … Obviously, the Kidman guru’s method works on us anyway!

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