No, Blade Runner 2049 is not sexist

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Dennis Villeneuve defends the representation of women in his film.

blade runner 2049 is considered one of the best films of 2017, despite its low success at the global box office (nearly 250 million dollars collected for a budget of 150 million). Asked by Vanity Fairin November of that year, Denis Villeneuve wanted to respond to critics who accuse the film’s universe of being sexist. “I am very sensitive in the way I portray women in my films. This is my ninth feature film and six of them have women in the lead role”, worn by strong characters like Amy Adams in First contact and Emily Blunt in Sicario.

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The first Blade Runner was pretty tough on women, with something to do with the film noir aesthetic. For my part, I tried to bring depth to all my characters. For Joi, the holographic character, you can see her evolution throughout the film. I find that very interesting. Cinema, what is it? It is the mirror of society. Blade Runner isn’t about tomorrow, it’s about today. And I’m sorry, but the world is not kind to women. The first film was the greatest dystopian finding of the past half-century. I only followed this observation with a dystopian vision of today, which amplifies all the defects. That’s all I wanted to say about it“, says the filmmaker.

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