No Objections Against Netflix’s Lincoln Defense (Review)

the lincoln defense

Word to the charismatic Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, who makes a good successor to Matthew McConaughey, in a new, somewhat soft adaptation by Michael Connelly.

The dad ofAlly McBeal returns to his first love. After having made a small detour by the luxury mini-series (Big Little Lies, The Undoing, Nine Perfect Strangers), screenwriter David E. Kelley returns to legal drama, a genre he revolutionized and brought to the top over four decades. Of Los Angeles Law (in 1986) at Goliath (in 2016), via The Practice (1996) or Boston Legal (2004), the master of the legal series is back on Netflix with an adaptation by Michael Connelly: The Lincoln Defense. The excitement is at its height… the result is quite neutral.

The Lincoln Lawyer, it’s the story of a lawyer named Mickey Haller, with a complicated past but an extraordinary talent as a speaker. Working from his car (a Lincoln), without a fixed office, he calmly and intelligently defends the accused caught up in the judicial machine… The character was played on the big screen more than ten years ago by Matthew McConaughey, in a flamboyant, gripping legal thriller.

The serial version is a bit slick around the edges. Very calibrated, flameless, it relies first and foremost on the charisma of the Mexican actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo, who does not lack charm or presence, but is far from having the same playfulness in his eyes as McConaughey. Insisting very heavily on the fact that he is always on the move, in his car, swallowing the streets of Los Angeles and his business one by one, the drama thus tries to justify its existence, its relevance. While basically this Lincoln Defense is a very banal legal series, a little soft even in its staging, which purrs like the engine of the famous Lincoln.

Despite everything, in one of the most classic television genres, the Lincoln Lawyer defends itself quite well! The legal thriller at the center of the plot is not lacking in mysteries and twists. The personal life of the lawyer, stuck between his two ex-wives, does not lack drama. And the secondary cast, firmly carried by neve campbell and Becky Newtonbrings a welcome breath of fresh air amid Master Haller’s histrionics.

Ultimately, The Lincoln Defense has that little something familiar very well done, perfect for occupying your Netflix evenings… even if in the pantheon of David E. Kelley creations, it will remain as a secondary series.

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