No Pacific Rim 3, but Netflix series The Black is a direct sequel that holds up

Four years after Pacific Rim: Uprising, which the TFX channel is rebroadcasting tonight, there are still no plans for a 3rd opus. The rest of the franchise is actually happening on Netflix, in an animated version…

The Kaijus and the Jaegers have not finished putting themselves on the face. Just more at the cinema! While TFX will offer tonight Pacific Rim: Uprisingfans have known for a while that he won’t have a Pacific Rim 3. However, the dantesque franchise initiated by Guillermo del Toro in 2013 continue to exist. But it’s happening on the small screen with Pacific Rim: The Black. A spectacular animated series, which is more than a TV spin-off, but a direct sequel to Pacific Rimtotally linked to the two previous films.

The story takes place in the wake of the second war against the Kaiju. Monsters have invaded Oceania and Australia is lost. Abandoned by humanity, she left a few survivors behind, including Taylor and Hayley, two teenagers, children of a couple of Jaeger pilots. In a post-apo desert world with the false air of madmax, they try to stay alive. Until the day they come across a training “Dude”, hidden in an underground base…

At first glance, we thought that the animated approach of Pacific Rim was going to offer more latitude to the directors, to make the big titanic spectacle. At the end of the day, visually, the Netflix series is quite disappointing. Certainly, the animation (entrusted to the Japanese studio Polygon Pictures) adopts an appreciable 3D depth during the fights, but the FPS (Frame Rate or images per second) is often limited and the rendering lacks an essential fluidity, to really appreciate this clash of monsters. The bestiary also curiously lacks a touch of madness, which the genre nevertheless demands. Still, screenwriters Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution, Thor Ragnarok) were not stingy in fights of colossi and those who jubilant in front of the films Pacific Rim will not sulk their pleasure.

Above all, the series thoroughly explores the narrative possibilities linked to the concept of La Dérive (the “Drift”), this technique which consists of connecting the two Jaeger pilots to each other. We can even say that it goes much further than the films, skillfully explaining the confusion of memories and the fusion of knowledge.

Pacific Rim: The Black

The Black also fully fits into the saga, making several direct references to the two previous films. Especially when Taylor tries to ride solo. It is discovered that only three other fighters have succeeded so far: Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam), still alive but noted as retired from Jaegers business; the Marshall Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elbalisten)) who died at the end of the first film; and Hercules “Herc” Hansen (Max Martini), which we learn here that he was also killed.

And then the series fully engages in what Uprising had begun to sketch, namely the genetic mutations developed by humanity to fight monsters. Pacific Rim: The Black introduced in passing creatures mixing the organic with the mechanical, i.e. a Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid “bio-guy” species already encountered in the video game Pacific Rim: Breach Warsand who has no allegiance, neither to one camp nor to another.

Pacific Rim Apex

Something to satisfy the fans, who will certainly never be entitled to a Pacific Rim 3 on the big screen, as confirmed recently Guillermo del Toro. The filmmaker said then that he planned to cross his world with the “Monstroverse” of Legendary Pictures being launched, with Godzilla vs. Kong. This titanic fantasy will remain theoretical. But Pacific Rim: The Black is a viable alternative.

Note that the second season of Pacific Rim: The Black was released a few days ago on the streaming platform. And since there won’t be another, maybe the franchise will definitely end there.

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