No season 3 for The Morning Show? Jennifer Aniston leaves room for doubt

The Morning Show Jennifer aniston

In his own words, it’s “very hard to imagine” doing more episodes of the drama right now …

Season 2 of The Morning Show just ended. And while it has never been billed as the final season, no season 3 has yet been commissioned by Apple TV +. Besides, Jennifer aniston does not seem very excited to go back.

The ex-star of Friends, who plays Alex Levy, confides in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s very hard to imagine a season 3 right now. You know, when they say moms just kind of block out like, ‘I could never do that again!’ I’m a bit like that right now. In mode: “I don’t know if I could ever do it again!” So we’ll see … “

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So no season 3? Or without Jennifer aniston ? If ever her character were to return anyway, the actress would like to see “Alex enjoy, have a little love and fun, dance and play. Do something a lot more lightly!”

For his part, Reese witherspoon, who plays Alex’s co-host Bradley Jackson, is more optimistic and explains that she “would love to see how the world realigns itself after the health crisis “, in season 3. “Even though it seems upbeat to say at this point, with people still grappling with the aftermath of COVID … But fair, I’m curious to relate how the whole world has changed culturally in so many ways; the way we communicate and let’s work, which we are talking about … There would certainly be a lot to discuss. “

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