No Way Home: the special effects of Spidey vs. Dr. Octopus deciphered

Kelly Port returns to the famous fight scene on the bridge.

In a video for Vanity Fair, Kelly Portthe visual effects director of Spider-Man: No Way Homewho also worked on avengers endgame and avengers infinity warexplains the underside of the scene of the confrontation between Peter Parker to Doctor Octopus.

“The majority of the shots in the film have visual effects” he explains. “I think there are only 80 who don’t. » And for good reason. As detailed in the video, all scenes have been cleaned up, smoothed and adapted to action – and even more – the cast’s schedule. This is how the phone call scene with Flash Thompson (played by Tony Revolori) is filmed on a blue background: the decor having been filmed beforehand.

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Given the difficulties of blocking a street in New York, special effects also make it easier to create scenes in New York City – in particular the one explained here, on Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. “Blocking a bridge in New York represents a colossal budget. Besides, shooting on location for 2 weeks would only piss off New Yorkers,” laugh Kelly Port. Easier to do on a blue background, so the whole fight is filmed in the studio. Tom Holland does his stunts himself (the costume is then adapted in 3D) as shown in this short extract:

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Doc Oc’s metal tentacles are added post shooting, with the help of some professionals who had done the animation of Spider-Man 2 (2004). “We did hours and hours of research for the character of Alfred Molina. We were inspired a lot by Spider-Man 2, we studied the different takes and we even had the help of 3D animators who worked on it”.

All this batch of modifications to the computer allows to add many details during the different scenes: the road signs, the light effects on the Iron Spider costume, the reflections on the cars, etc. It also made it possible to add an easter egg in reference to Stan Lee : a yellow taxi with the late screenwriter’s birthday on the license plate.

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