Nope: Has Jordan Peele concocted an alien invasion movie for us?

NOPE = Not of Planet Earth?

If the promo for Jordan Peele’s new feature film plays the mystery card to the fullest, the first trailer uploaded this Sunday may have told us the true nature of Boop. Presented as a horror film, it could more accurately be an alien invasion film. Here’s why.

Since Jordan Peele unveiled his title, we wonder about its meaning. Boop literally means “nan” in English, but this word could hide something else and be the acronym for Not of Planet Earth (“not from planet Earth”). A theory that has been circulating on the internet for some time and seems to be accredited by the first images.

NOPE = Not of planet Earth?

Looking carefully at the trailer, we were able to spot a strange hand, possibly of extraterrestrial origin, as well as the top of a suspicious skull. On another shot, the cloud above Daniel Kaluuya’s head seems to hide a flying saucer. Finally, the stuffed animals with the head of an alien on a presenter would also confirm this intuition in the form of a dog with a pressed eye.

The synopsis of Boop explains, moreover, that the film is a rereading of the summer blockbuster. Boop could therefore be a Peele-sauce Independence Day rather than a supernatural story à la Stephen King. The theme of the extra-terrestrial invasion also offers a strong allegorical potential which may have inspired the director of get-out and US. Unless, of course, this is all just a decoy…

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