Not even scared, day 2: post-apo and big dinos

Live from Saint-Philippe de la Réunion, which is preparing to face a new cyclone, here is the weather forecast for the second day of Even Not Fear, the most southern fantasy film festival in France.

Not even afraid. Second day. It’s 9 a.m. and the heat and the scent of rum hitting our heads reminds us that we’ve survived the adventures of the day before: the psychopathic Kate Bush of Bertrand Mandico and the calf-eating witches will not have succeeded in defeating us! Even before the screenings of Meme Pas Peur have started, the small town of Saint-Philippe has accents lynchians. The mist devours the emerald forests that cover the Piton de la Fournaise. The waves of the Indian Ocean crash on the black cliffs that border the city and the fishermen whisper to anyone who will listen that a new cyclone is approaching. It should hit the island on Sunday. They are not scared, rather impatient. The sky is heavy and near the Cap Méchant restaurant, the local witch, an old lady with a multicolored umbrella yells at passers-by that there is still time to convert. The festival can continue under the best hospices!

The children of the wasteland

A new series of short films starts the hostilities, among them, Balloon paints the portrait of a rookie who discovers magical powers. Brutal and cruel, this anti-superhero film resonates like an anguished portrait of Trump’s America: fertile ground for schoolshooters. Barely nicer than the former American president, rednecks and dinosaurs are the stars of the short film Evie : a survival post-apocalyptic in which a teenager and her father face giant reptiles as best they can. This mixture of madmax and Jurassic Park, with intense staging and stunning special effects, offers a rather exciting geek concept that we would like to see declined in series or feature film. At last, El Sueno de los perros piqued our attention. In an arid Spanish desert, a mother and her son are pursued by vampire children with strange powers. Dark, occult and raw, this little horrific thriller keeps you in suspense and takes on the appearance of a melancholy nightmare.

The land of the sons

Italian feature film Tea land of the sons ends this second day of the festival. In a tragic opening scene, a young boy confronts a dog with a knife on a desolate beach. The stage is set and the rest of the film will be just as harsh and chilling! When he’s not fighting dogs, this illiterate young boy survives with his dying father in a lagoon after a mysterious apocalypse. Born without a name, he receives only hatred, contempt and violence from his parent who dies leaving him a notebook… In search of a person who can read, he embarks on a dangerous journey that will lead him to the depths of human darkness. Not an ounce of joy or light comes through this two-hour quest that soaks us to the bone and makes us wade through the mud in the middle of corpses and ogres.

Necessarily, The Land of the sons sometimes difficult to surprise as it advances in the shadow of several masterpieces of the genre: Ia Roadof course, for the painting of a world in ruins where men devour each other, but also Requiem for a Slaughter, a traumatic ode to the end of childhood and innocence. If the exhibition, very austere, stretches too long, entangled in the deafening and deadly calm of the lagoon, the film unfolds little by little until its last third to deliver a moving finale, in the heart of hell. . We come out deeply touched and haunted by cold images of floating bodies, silent hanged men and amnesiac monsters who discover a parcel of humanity in the flickering light of a candle. An experience to try and which resonates surprisingly with the theme of the short films presented previously: what legacy to leave to children, when all hope seems lost? Will they be able to save the world or will they too be swallowed up by the great cyclone rumbling off the coast of Reunion?

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