Notre-Dame Burns: Jean-Jacques Annaud’s event film has its first trailer

And without a bad pun, we can say that it will heat up.

“Notre-Dame burns”. A chilling observation, but also the title of the new film by Jean Jacques Annaud on the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris in April 2019, a tragedy that had bereaved France. If it was impressive in its magnitude, this fire promises to set cinemas ablaze as soon as next March 16as Annaud’s first official feature trailer announces:

Notre-Dame burns: first teaser

The film will reconstruct hour by hour the incredible reality of the events of April 15, 2019 when the cathedral suffered the most important disaster in its history. And how women and men will put their lives at risk in an incredible and heroic rescue.

To embody the firefighters mobilized that day in the capital, Jean-Jacques Annaud chose a very masculine procession, made up of Samuel Labarthe, Jean Paul Bordes, Mikael Shirinian, Jeremiah Laheurte and Pierre Lottin. Only one actress slips through the ranks, Chloe Jouannet.

Dated for March 16, Our Lady Burns is the 14th feature by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The director signs the script for this event film with Thomas Bidegain. And to find out more about his shoot, go to the pages of First n°526 with our file “Rekindle the Fire”.

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