Nuclear summer: discover the trailer for the French teen movie [exclu]

With Shaïn Boumedine (Mektoub my love).

When an accident occurs at the nearby nuclear power plant, Victor finds himself confined to a farm with his old friends from the village.

The storm threatening, they watch for the passage of the radioactive cloud when they should have evacuated the area. In 24 hours, they will lose all their certainties.

In the midst of the nuclear debate, this film by Gaël Lépingle comes at the right time. Born in the Orleans region, not far from the Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux power plant, the director drew on his fear of this invisible threat to concoct this French-style teen movie. About Shaïn Boumedine (Mektoub my love, The Savages), he brought together a cast of young actors (Théo Augier, Carmen Kassovitz, Manon Valentin, Constantin Vidal, Alexia Chardard) who find themselves immersed in a tense story, on the border between reality and fiction.

nuclear summer will be released in theaters on May 11 (via Le Pacte). Check out the exclusive trailer:

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