Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise, loot no hiding sci-fi classics [critique]

This blockbuster by Joseph Kosinski (Tron) will return this evening on NRJ12.

While we are still waiting for their Top Gun: Maverick (postponed to May 2022 at the cinema), Tom cruise and Joseph Kosinski come back to television with oblivion. Here is what Première thought about it when it was released in the spring of 2013.

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The story ofoblivion : On a planet Earth that has become unrecognizable, a man’s confrontation with his past will lead him on the path of redemption and discovery as he fights to save humanity from its doom. 2077: Jack Harper, in station on planet Earth, the entire population of which has been evacuated, is in charge of drone safety and repair. Following decades of war against a terrifying alien force that has ravaged Earth, Jack is part of a massive operation to extract the last resources necessary for the survival of his people. His mission will be over soon. In just two weeks, he will join the rest of the survivors in a space colony thousands of miles from this devastated planet that he nevertheless considers his home. Living and patrolling at a very high altitude of what remains of Earth, Jack’s “celestial” life is turned upside down when he witnesses the crash of a spaceship and decides to rescue the beautiful stranger it contains. Sensing an attraction and an affinity for Jack that defies all logic, Julia sets off a chain of events with his presence that causes Jack to question everything he thought he knew. What he thought was reality is shattered when he is confronted with certain elements of his past that had been erased from his memory. Discovering a new mission, Jack is driven to a form of heroism he never thought he could. The fate of humanity is in the hands of a man who believed that the only world he knew would soon be lost forever.

Criticism of First : To say that we expected a lot ofoblivion Would be overstating, but the prospect of 1) a sci-fi movie 2) starring Tom Cruise 3) by Joseph Kosinski could legitimately spark curiosity. In the end, if science fiction has not been enriched with a classic (far from it), we can be satisfied with it, if only because it is superbly illustrated. We discovered Kosinski with Tron, but here he confirms his abilities as an excellent universe creator. After a war initiated by invaders, the earthlings have won, but the planet is devastated, and the remaining population has taken refuge on an artificial satellite, while floating stations pump water to turn it into energy. Almost the entire film is based on this initial hypothesis, which Kosinski manages to bring to life in a few iconic vignettes: the earth covered with ashes from which immediately recognizable fragments emerge, an apartment in the sky, plus a few well-designed accessories such as a flying gyroscope, a foldable motorcycle, a tactile communication console… The whole thing is spectacular and yet simple, realistic and almost familiar.

Things turn sour with the unfolding of the story that could be called “Drones and clones” (mostly clones). Tom Cruise plays one of the last humans in charge of maintaining the drones that keep the water extractors running smoothly. He lives with his partner (Andrea Riseboroug, very well in an ambiguous role initially offered to Jessica Chastain), until the day he witnesses the crash of a capsule containing bodies in hibernation. One of them is that of Julia (Olga Kurylenko) who awakens in Jack the memories of a memory not completely erased. Appearances being deceptive, a series of drama will reveal paradoxically disappointing truths, because they plunder without hiding a quantity of classics of SF that it would be pointless to quote here. Tom Cruise does the trick without a problem, but the script is the poor relation of this film which is especially worthy of its elegant, clear and sophisticated staging. Kosinski has a bright future ahead of him, provided he stops writing, or finds good stories to adapt. It is interesting to note that despite the presence of a director and a cinematographer both specialists in 3D, oblivion escaped the process. The immersion effect is advantageously compensated by an astounding soundtrack, which alone justifies going to see the film in a room equipped with Dolby Atmos.

Everything we can say about Oblivion without the spoiler

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