Of course Aquaman is showering!

Warner Bros. France

Jason Momoa did not escape questions about his personal hygiene …

This is one of the most surprising topics of conversation this summer in Hollywood: Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis or even Jake Gyllenhaal explained in the press that they did not take a shower on a daily basis, which did not not failed to cause reactions, Dwayne Johnson explaining on the contrary that he washes several times a day. He even detailed his “shower routine” on Twitter: a cold one in the morning to get in shape, a lukewarm after sports and a hot one coming home from work. Without forgetting “washing my face, body, scrubs and singing (loudly) in the shower!”

Too much washing would be bad for the skin, and this question of personal hygiene (but also of protecting the planet, by consuming less water), has inevitably been asked of Jason momoa, aka Aquaman, the superhero who literally lives underwater. “I don’t want to start a controversy, replied the star to Access laughing when asked the question in the middle of an interview on Sweet girl, his new film for Netflix. But yes, I am showering, believe me. I am Aquaman. I live in this fucking water. Above all, don’t worry about it. I am from Hawaii. You always have salt water all over your body. We’re fine. “

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