Old Guard 2: Charlize Theron announces the filming of the sequel

This new action film from Netflix will be filmed in early 2022.

Variety reveals that Charlize theron received the final script from The Old Guard 2, the sequel to his hit action movie to air on Netflix since July 2020. This is not a surprise, since last summer, the team explained think about a trilogy, and the star said he was ready to find the role of the immortal Andy, but here, the schedule is more precise: the shooting of this sequel is scheduled for “the first quarter of 2022”, specifies the article and the actress, in addition to personally confirming her return, adds that Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli, who formed a gay couple in the first opus “will be totally in the game”.

The Old Guard: Charlize Theron, the immortal [Critique]

In parallel with this announcement, Vin Diesel is once again teasing a female spin-off of Fast & Furious, which would notably be worn by Charlize Theron (she plays Cypher in the saga). The actress, however, did not react to this other announcement.

Fast and Furious female spin-off recruits Marvel writers

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