Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte leave Far from the ring road for Netflix: the moving trailer

“Do you have your belt? Put it on!”

With 2.3 million admissions in France (but also $25 million in international receipts), The other side of the ring-roaddirected by David Charhon, was a real minor success in 2012. This buddy cop movie à la française is entitled to a sequel, for Netflixthis time led by Louis Leterrier (Elusive, Lupin). Izïa Higelin joins Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte for this new investigation, which this time will take them far from the ring road.

Omar Sy signs a contract for several films and series with Netflix

Hence this first trailer which quickly relocates its two cops from the Parisian suburbs to the mountains, and which promises its share of action. Finally, chases, especially. “Do you have your belt?”, asks Ousmane to his colleague François before heading into a field. A few moments before, this first montage teased a waterfall at the edge of a cliff. More surprisingly, the two heroes will obviously have to face “bad guys” bowling or bumper cars…

far from the ring road visibly fully embraces its action-comedy status. It will be broadcast on the platform from May 6.

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