Omar Sy: “I only have good memories of the shooting of Our Happy Days”

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The comedy of Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache returns this evening on M6.

The sixth channel takes advantage of the summer to reprogram Our happy days, a great comedyEric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, released in theaters in 2006.

Omar Sy has had the meeting of his life with Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, the directors with whom he shot Our happy days (2006), So close (2009), Untouchables (2011) and Samba (2014). In the first, they entrust him with the role of Joseph, the laughter of this impeccable feel-good movie presented at Alpe d’Huez from where he left with the Audience Prize, prelude to a formidable career in theaters ( nearly 1.5 million admissions).

Omar Sy’s future projects

A little before the release of Knock, in 2017, First proposed to the actor to come back to his landmark films, and here is what he said about this funny summer camp: Before Our Happy Days, I shot These Happy Days (2002), the film’s short matrix. Eric and Olivier were the first directors I didn’t know to come and get me. No more cronyism… I warned them that I was not an actor and they gave me this brilliant response: “Don’t worry, we’re not directors either!”. This sentence sums up our relationships quite well, based on humility and constant risk-taking. On the feature film, four years later, I was rather liberated, aware of the work done but not yet reassured about my legitimacy. I should have gone to the shrink! I only have fond memories of this shoot which looked like the movie, that is, a summer camp – which I had never been to as a kid. “

Lupine: part 3 with Omar Sy is officially ordered

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