Omar Sy “sparks” in Inferno according to Ron Howard

Ron Howard talks about Omar Sy’s performance in The Da Vinci Code sequel.

Update of November 12, 2021: December 2015, Ron Howard comes out In the heart of the ocean, and prepares in parallel Inferno, the third part of the saga initiated by Da Vinci Code. During a long interview with First, the director then evoked his first collaboration with the Frenchy Omar Sy. Flashback, on the occasion of the replay of‘Inferno on this Friday evening on France 3.

The Da Vinci Code / Angels & Demons / Inferno: the disappointing trilogy of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks

News of December 10, 2015: We couldn’t help it: by talking with Ron howard from his film In the heart of the ocean (the full and fascinating interview can be read here), we inevitably found a way to talk to him aboutOmar Sy. It’s terrible, chauvinism, but what do you expect. Because Omar is part of the cast ofInferno, the third film adaptation of Dan Brown’s novels that Ron has just completed after Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Always with Tom hanks who will follow an esoteric investigation, this time in Florence in the footsteps of The Divine Comedy by Dante. All that to say that Ron is very, very happy with Omar (“awesome” and “very hardworking”), and especially his efforts to speak English:

Omar makes sparks. I wouldn’t tell you if he’s playing a bad guy or a good guy, that’s the mystery of his character and one of the stakes in the movie. But he’s great, very hardworking. After Jurassic World, my daughter Bryce warned me. He especially works a lot with his English accent. He is improving every week. It’s appreciable (laughs)

It’s nice to hear. After two successful trials in the United States (X-Men Days of Future Past and Jurassic World), Omar is supposed to play a certain Christoph Bruder in Inferno, and we will therefore leave it to the readers of the novel to know what that means. Besides Tom and Omar, Ron got a nice cast in Inferno : Felicity jones, Irrfan Khan, Sidse babett knudsen and Ben foster are in the game.

Trailer :

Omar Sy is in the top 100 of Time (and it’s Bradley Cooper who wrote his text)

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