Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Tarantino’s favorite scene is not in the movie!

Quentin Tarantino has a favorite scene in the script Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and it’s a scene you’ve never seen! At ReelBlend podcast, the director says in fact that he was forced to remove it for theatrical release. But what was this famous sequence?

It was actually a touching phone conversation between Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and little actress tTrudi Fraser (Julie Butters). Some images of the scene in question were shown in the trailer for the book. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood !

“It was my favorite scene in the script. So the idea that it wouldn’t be in the movie was unthinkable to me. I think it was probably Leo’s favorite scene too, the one he preferred to shoot. . We were in tears. It was the only time … My eyes were cloudy with every take. Julia [Butters] was in tears every time we finished a take … “

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The producer, David Heyman, had even already assured IndieWire that Butters would have won an Oscar nomination for “best actress in a supporting role”, if Tarantino had not cut this scene from the film! “Quentin has a habit of throwing big stages. But if she stayed in the film’s final cut, Julie would have landed an Oscar nomination for that performance. But that wouldn’t have served the film in the end. It’s all about the rhythm, to get where it needs to be. “

Tarantino adds during the Podcast and confides that he is “it’s not uncommon to cut really great scenes “, because one “Timeline is imperative when editing. And if it falls outside that timeline, then no matter how good the scene is, it has to jump!”

Quentin Tarantino concludes by explaining the other reason that prompted him to cut this phone conversation between DiCaprio and Butters: “This scene looks like the end of the movie. It worked in the script, because in the script, because in the script, I thought about everything that happens in February in a three act structure. And then I saw the stuff that happened on the night of the murder as an epilogue. But it was not the right way to think. Once we start editing the movie, what happens in August is not an epilogue. This is the third act in fact! We had to look at it that way.

For die-hard fans, know that the phone conversation cut during the edit is included in the novel Once Upon a Time in Hollywood recently released in bookstores.

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