One Piece Red: the film has a release date in France, it will be in August at the cinema

An official date has just been unveiled by Pathé.

Three years later Stampede, One Piece will finally return to the cinema. The new movie will be called One Piece Red. And proof that the franchise has exploded in France, it will only arrive in theaters in France 4 days after its Japanese release.

Distributed in France by Pathé Films, One Piece Reddevoted to Shanks, nicknamed Le Roux, will be on view from August 10, 2022 on our screens.

“Luffy and his crew are about to attend an eagerly awaited music festival. The most popular singer in the world, Uta, will take the stage for the first time. The one who is none other than the daughter of the legendary pirate Shanks Le Roux will reveal the exceptional power of his voice that could well change the world…” tease the official synopsis unveiled by Pathé in the press release.

Written by Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Gold), One Piece Red was directed by Goro Taniguchi.

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