Oral sex between Batman and Catwoman censored by DC in Harley Quinn

harley quinn batman

“We were told: superheroes don’t do these things …”

The animated series Harley quinn goes far, very far sometimes, in his approach to the DC Universe. But not as far as she would like!

“It’s incredibly rewarding and convenient to be able to use characters who are seen as villains, because you have so much more leeway to do with them what you want.z “, first explains showrunner Justin Halpern in a variety paper, taking as an example a scene from the third season of Harley quinn that he wanted to include in an episode:

“We had that moment where Batman cunnilingus to Catwoman and DC disagreed! We were told: You can’t do this. You absolutely can’t do this. Superheroes don’t do this. things like that! “

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Leaving the assumption that villains have the freedom to do more daring onscreen stuff, which for the showrunner of Harley quinn, seemed completely meaningless: “We said to them: Are you telling us that superheroes are all selfish lovers? And they told us that the real point is that they sell consumer toys around these heroes. . It’s hard to sell a Batman toy (to a child) if they start cunnilingus to someone … “

Variety specifies in the wake that, according to Justin Halpern, DC and Warner Bros. still remarkably supported the madness of his series and allowed the whole team to push the limits on several occasions. Moreover, the episode in question has not yet been broadcast, and we do not yet know exactly what will remain of this sex scene between Batman and Catwoman, in the final cut …

In France, Harley quinn airs on Toonami.

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