Oscar Isaac – Moon Knight: “I have a theory about Marvel movies”

The star is on the cover of Première. Here is an excerpt from his long interview.

Oscar Isaac is on the cover of the new issue of First (n°528, April 2022). The star actor ofInside Llewyn Davis (2013), fromEx_Machina (2015), latest movies Star Wars (2015-2019) and Dunes (2021) returns this week in Marvel’s event series, Moon Knight, on Disney+. The first to bet on a superhero who has not yet been presented in the cinema. A challenge for the 43-year-old actor, who tried to bring his own style to the big Hollywood machine represented by Kevin Feige’s cine-series saga. Here are three questions for Oscar Isaac.

Oscar Isaac Outshines Everything Else and Makes Moon Knight Shine (Review)

FIRST: You said that one of the reasons you signed up for Moon Knight was that you had seen “the opportunity to hack the project”. So how did this hack happen?
Beware, this was a friendly hack, huh, not an aggressive hack! I have the impression that the irony of some of my statements is lost a little at the time of transcription. (Laughs.) In truth, there was no need to hack Moon Knight. What I meant by that is that my first reaction was to think: “How am I going to be able to bring my personality into this very well-oiled machine that is Marvel? » Kevin Feige really knows how to craft these movies and make people love them. However, it turns out that my sensitivity is not quite that of these mainstream entertainments. I like complicated, disturbing things, stories where the lines of demarcation between the good guys and the bad guys are a little blurred… I had to know if Moon Knight was going to offer me the opportunity for a real character study, a real work of characterization. At the very beginning, it was not obvious on paper, it was just a simple promise.

What form did this work on the character take?

It was very collaborative. The most collaborative experience of my career, to be honest. I talked a lot with Kevin Feige, with the producer Grant Curtis, then with Mohamed Diab [le réalisateur], once he had boarded. We were looking for ways to take the project to areas of discomfort. And, above all, to really be in the point of view of the character – which was most important in my opinion. The staging and the narration are completely based on the point of view of this unreliable narrator, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. From there, we can build something powerful, explore questions of identity, the fight against mental illness, revenge, violence, abuse, trauma… And make the public becomes attached to this man, Steven Grant. I really love this character. I happen to have a theory about Marvel movies.

Tell us…

I have the feeling that they have taken the place occupied by the big comedies ten or fifteen years ago. The very bad trip, this kind of movies. People went to see these movies to laugh and have a good time with cool characters. And it is exactly the same thing that takes place today with Marvel productions. Certainly, there are the big action scenes – which are great, by the way. But I have the impression that people don’t go there so much for the action as for the pleasure of finding funny characters, which they appreciate. Humor is very important in these films. And me, precisely, I did not want this kind of humor in Moon Knight. You know, everything about breaking the fourth wall, making comments about yourself, winking at the viewer, pop references, etc. All this has already been done, and very well, in Dead Pool in particular, which is somewhat the culmination of this approach. With Moon Knight, I wanted to go back to a type of character who doesn’t know he’s funny. It’s only the nature of the character, his side “fish out of water”, which makes it comical. Steven Grant, in a way, has a Clark Kent side – Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent. There is a dichotomy in him, he is torn between his two personalities: one, very ordinary, who desperately dreams of a normal life and human warmth, and the other, who is… the opposite of everything that !

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