Oscar Isaac Outshines Everything Else and Makes Moon Knight Shine (Review)

Moon Knight Marvel

Delivering a daunting double performance, the Star Wars actor makes a sensational entry into the MCU, in this new Marvel series that is unlike any other.

We’re not saying that because he’s on the cover of Premiere this month, but Oscar Isaac is truly an impressive actor. Already breathtaking in the remake of Scenes from married life for HBO, the former star of Star Wars makes a spectacular entrance into the Marvel Universe with Moon Knightthe new MCU series from Disney Plus, in which he plays a hero suffering from dissociative identity disorder, understand a split personality…

Initially, we discover Steven Grant, a discreet employee of a gift shop, a souvenir shop in a London museum. Passionate about Egyptology, the kind and shy forty-something is plagued by terrible nightmares. Violent nocturnal bursts that he takes for a form of somnambulism and which force him to be tied down at night in his small apartment. Steven leads a lonely, shady little life…until the day he realizes that he actually shares his body with Marc Spector, a hardcore mercenary, who responds to the orders of Khonshu, the Egyptian God of the Moon, and that he can summon his costume with infinite cosmic powers.

No, Moon Knight is not a masked vigilante like the others. His series is not a super-series like the others. So much so that we frankly wonder – after the first 4 episodes – how this crazy story will be able to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because on the form, it is difficult to see the avengers landing in the middle of the pyramids to do battle with Amon Ra or Osiris… Basically, Moon Knight also shifts the paradigm somewhat, moving away from the big family show for all audiences, to include elements of psychological horror, a fairly new form of graphic violence, not to mention this trippy psychic intrigue, which at times recalls the excellent Legionderived from X-Mendevoted to the son of Charles Xavier in the grip of madness…

Oscar Isaac is especially brilliant when he takes on this improbable English accent, looking distraught, overwhelmed by events. But he is also intensely charismatic when his Steve Urkel becomes Stefan Urquelle, when his Stanley Ipkiss becomes The Mask! It should also be noted that if in the original comics, Marc Spector is the main personality of the character, it is that of Steven who is essentially put forward in the series (although we guess quite quickly that Marc will not end up take the top position).

With great creativity, the Egyptian director Mohammad Diab stages this waltz of personalities who come and go without warning in a pharaonic adventure in the vein of a IndianaJones made in mcu. A moment asleep in his room, Steven wakes up in Europe or Africa, pursued by a sect of criminals without understanding what is happening to him. The choreography has been meticulously thought out and it’s devilishly fun. Especially since aroundOscar Isaacthe supporting roles have a field day. Ethan Hawke makes a perfect comic book villain. But the one who wins the cup is F. Murray Abraham ! The Salieri ofAmadeus (1984) doubles as an irresistible Khonshu, a powerless and ill-mouthed divinity, exasperated by the awkwardness of Steven Grant. Its high verb brings a lot of humor to this indefinable series, which cleverly juggles between genres and offers a new string to the already well-stocked bow of the Marvel universe.

Moon Knightstarting March 30 on Disney Plus (one episode per week until May 4).

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