Oscar Isaac signed with Marvel for just one season of Moon Knight

Moon Knight

“I didn’t want ‘golden handcuffs'”, justifies the actor.

Moon Knightthe new Marvel series carried by Oscar Isaac is off to a strong start on Disney+, but as of now, the actor hasn’t signed on for a season 2, or any future appearances in the studio’s other super-films or series. Well aware of usually having to sign a contract for several works for this type of project, he took care to write in black and white that he was only committing to one season, reveals variety. Before reviewing his deal with Kevin Feige if successful and if they find a good way to bring his character back.

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“Isaac is contractually not obligated to stay in the MCU once all six episodes of Moon Knight are released,” writes the American magazine. The star actor ofInside Llewyn Davis and the new trilogy Star Wars confirm: “I was told about the ‘golden handcuffs’ (the fact of signing a lucrative contract hiring an actor for several films/series produced by Marvel). I didn’t want that. Fortunately, we all agreed that we wanted to focus on this series. That’s the story.”

Currently on the cover of Firstthe star however evokes the possibility of continuing the adventure: “Honestly, I really fell in love with the Steven Grant of Moon KnightI don’t think I had loved a character this much since Nathan d’Ex_Machina. I like their spirit, their way of being. I believe this Steven will stay with me.” When told that Marvel may soon call him back to embody this superhero again, he concludes: “Who knows? This is the world we live in now, so maybe!”

Here is the trailer for Moon Knightcurrently streaming on Disney+:

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