Oscars 2022: Denis Villeneuve and Jane Campion denounce the changes to the Academy

Jane Campion / Denis Villeneuve

While the Academy of Oscars decided not to broadcast live the speeches of 8 categories, filmmakers Denis Villeneuve and Jane Campion did not hesitate to express their disagreement.

The award ceremonies in the cinema are, as we know, always far too long. The miracle solution of the Academy of Oscars? Shorten 8 category acceptance speeches by pre-recording them to save time. These categories are: Documentary Short, Editing, Makeup and Hairstyling, Original Music, Production Design, Animated Short, Live-Action Short and Sound. For many filmmakers, this decision denigrates the workers behind the scenes, who are nevertheless essential to the making of a film.

8 Oscars will not be awarded live during the 2022 ceremony

Among them, Denis Villeneuve, the director of Duneswho did not refrain from giving his clear-cut opinion during an interview with Deadline, on the occasion of the Art Directors Guild Awards. Winner William Cameron Menzies said it was “throw the baby out with the bathwater. » While understanding the pressure, he says it’s not the right decision. “Directing is teamwork. It’s like football he explains. It’s like you have all kinds of different tasks where everyone has to be on top of their game or the movie falls apart, you know? In the media, we talk a lot about directors and actors. All the people who work in the shadows, unfortunately, need to be seen and recognized, and these awards are made for them. »

Sharing this opinion, the director Jane Campion, who received the prize for cinematographic imagery for The power of the dogtook advantage of a video speech to recall “the importance of production designers in creating a good film”. She adds: “I don’t know what their reasons were, it’s hard for any director to understand that choice.”

Faced with all the criticism that accumulates (Guillermo del Toro was also virulent on this subject), the producer of the Oscars Will Packer defends his decision and answers that “No one will be harmed by this decision. It aims to make the show more efficient, faster so that more people follow the ceremony”.

Guillermo del Toro angry at the Oscars: “It was a fucking good year for cinema!”

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