Oscars 2022: what does Hollywood think of the slap of Will Smith? (update)

Will Smith banged Chris Rock ahead of his Best Actor Oscar!

The first reactions are, to say the least, divided. There will obviously be no winner in this fight.

Update March 29, 2022: vulnerability posted a disclaimer explaining that the photo of Nicole Kidman that made the rounds of the web was not a reaction to Will Smith’s slap. The actress was actually greeting her friend Jessica Chastain, who had just arrived at the ceremony. Read all the details here.

News of March 28, 2022: It is unquestionably Nicole Kidman who will win the prize for Best reaction to the slap of Will Smith. In shock at the actor’s gesture, the star nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress during the evening was completely hallucinated by this crazy gesture.

And the rest of Hollywood is kind of the same. Completely shocked by what just happened. Torn between the desire to defend Chris Rockthe freedom of expression and the right to make jokes (especially when you’re a comedian), and that of supporting the cold anger of an exasperated husband…

Like the star of Scott Brothers, Sophia Bushwho does not want to validate the violence of Will Smithbut which just as strongly condemns the cruelty of Chris Rock and his attacks on a sick woman, suffering from alopecia areata or “alopecia”:

Others, like LaKeith Stanfield (of Sorry to Bother You) Where Minnie Driver (of Will Hunting), would have preferred that it remain in the private domain and seem above all embarrassed to have attended such a non-public settling of scores:

Finally, some try to relativize the sequence. The rap superstar 50 Cent was one of the first to react, having fun with the slap. The actor Colman Domingo of fear the walking deadhe tries to explain the slap in the face of Will Smithbecause it is “a guy from West Philadelphia, just like me. We are very passionate people…”

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