OSS 117 3 Trailer: “Not bad, right?”

After the teasers, here is the real trailer for Red Alert in Black Africa.

A few days after revealing thatOSS 117 3 would close the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, out of competition, Gaumont uploads its trailer. The studio had already shared several teasers of the comedy by Nicolas Bedos (who succeeds Michel Hazanavicius), still scripted by Jean-François Halin and worn by Jean Dujardin. Among the newcomers ofRed Alert in Black Africa, there will be in particular Pierre Niney and Fatou N’Diaye.

“Hubert, aren’t you the best?”

This video condenses these first extracts: we find there for example a geopolitical analysis of which the secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath has the secret (“Africans are happy, sympathetic, funny …”), but also his meeting with his teammate, OSS 1001, adding a few “punchlines ” additional: “I am a secret agent, not a nanny”, loose Dujardin before asking his young sidekick “Not bad is not it ?” and burst into exaggerated laughter. Then he rummages in the nostrils of a stuffed zebra, and aims at a lion, under Niney’s startled eyes …

After its screening on the Croisette, on July 17, Oss 117: Red Alert in Black Africa will be released on August 4 in theaters.

OSS 117 3: “The vast majority of the public understood the mechanism of satire”

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