Oussekine and The Dropout, two series inspired by true stories on Disney +

Oussekine and The Dropout

The streaming platform will soon offer two fascinating dramas, inspired by real events.

The Disney + catalog will be enriched a little more in the coming weeks, with two series of a popular genre, the “true crime drama”. The platform is not limited to the Marvel fantasy universe or the SF of Star Wars and dares to tackle social issues, news items that have marked their time, as evidenced by the fabulous dopesickbroadcast last year, and which tragically told us about the health catastrophe of the opioid crisis.

This month is The Dropout which lands on Disney + and which will tell – from April 20 – the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, creator of the Theranos company. This Silicon Valley health technology company has for years claimed to have developed a technology to perform inexpensive blood tests, based on just a few drops of blood, collected without needles, with a sampling method. revolutionary. Thanks to this patent, she raised hundreds of millions of dollars, to the point that the company was valued at 9 billion dollars! But then, the famous technology never really worked and the scandal was international. Theranos executives were indicted in 2018 for “massive fraud”.

the dropout

The Dropout will focus on the extraordinary destiny of Elizabeth Holmes, aged only 19 when she created the company. From her adolescence, a brilliant but introverted high school student, obsessed with the idea of ​​success, to her meeting with her future husband and business partner, Sunny Balwani, the series will first seek to explain Elizabeth’s experiences and journey, which motivated a such a spectacular scam.

Amanda Seyfried, movie star Mama Mia! and Miserables puts herself in the shoes of Elizabeth Holmes, with a lot of humanity. The series was imagined and co-written by Liz Merryweather, the creator of the cult New Girl.

Oussekine: meeting with Sayyid El Alami, the revelation of the series

A few weeks later, Disney+ will offer to delve into another dramatic true story, with Oussekine. Also inspired by real events, it looks back on the tragedy of the night of December 5 to 6, 1986 and on the dramatic consequences that the death of Malik Oussekine (Sayyid El Alami) had on his family: his mother Aïcha (Hiam Abbass), his brothers Ben Amar (Malek Lamraoui) and Mohamed (Tewfik Jallab), and his sisters Fatna (Naidra Ayadi) but also Sarah (Mouna Soualem) will sacrifice everything for justice to be done. Centered on the fight of this family to obtain justice, the series delves into the heart of the 80s to understand the impact that this drama had on French society at the time.

Antoine Chevrollier, creator and director, explains to us that he wanted to reconstruct the era as closely as possible: “We relied on archive images, but above all, we were able to meet some of the protagonists, among the members of the Oussekine family who are still alive. They gave us keys for costumes or sets. And then we tried to recreate a certain atmosphere. It was important that we hear La Ziza de Balavoine for example. We wanted it to transpire the 1980s…” In this sense, Oussekine is already shaping up to be a landmark historical series, a drama that looks like a duty of memory.

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