Outlander: everything we know about season 7

outlander season 7

“Winter is coming! Next season, the Revolution will be here. And it will be our biggest season yet.”

It’s already over for season 6 ofOutlander. Shortened by the health crisis, it has only 8 episodes. But at least production has already resumed. The filming of season 7 ofOutlander officially started last month.

When will it be released? Composed of 12 episodes, it will be seen in 2023, in France on Netflix.

What will she talk about? We already know that she will adapt the drunk An Echo in the Bone (2009), 7th volume of Diana Gabaldon’s literary saga.

Outlander: the season 6 finale explained

Above all, showrunner Maril Davis explains in Variety that The American Revolution, the one that will lead to Independence in 1776, will be at the heart of the plot:

“We’ve talked so much about the revolution coming, it’s kind of become winter in Game of Thrones…Winter is coming! Next season, the Revolution will be here. It’ll be our biggest season yet. “We’re going to weave together so many storylines and cover a lot of ground. It’s truly going to be the biggest season we’ve ever done and I’m very excited. I’m especially excited about young Ian. He has a great story lined up.” .”

As for the other characters, the screenwriter ofOutlander points out that “Roger and Brianna are in a very good phase at the end of season 6. They have absolutely no idea where Jamie and Claire are. They are not aware of the danger in which they find themselves and it is voluntary. Because there could be rough waters ahead of them in Season 7… So we also wanted to see that Roger and Brianna had finally settled down before that. They tried to return home last season. They finally realized that this is where their home is now and we see them trying to put down roots here…”

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