Outlander: the season 6 finale explained

outlander season 6

Twelve episodes were originally planned, but “episode 8 happened to be a perfect point to cut the season.”

It’s a busy sixth season, which has just ended for Outlander. With only 8 episodes, the dramatic finale “I Am Not Alone” is available today on Netflix in France. So what should we understand? Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe explain everything in Variety. Spoiler alert!

“Due to COVID and various factors, we realized very quickly after filming started for this Season 6, that we couldn’t do 12 episodes as planned. Episode 8 happened to be a perfect point to cut the season. Not only because we didn’t want to go any further, but also because that cliffhanger, with Jamie and Claire separated, was perfect. It felt like a really natural ending, such a great cliffhanger, with that note of hope, but you’re definitely stressed about what’s going to happen next…”

Outlander: season 7 has already started filming

And for good reason, after suffering the wrath of Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and his militia, Jamie was sentenced to be sent home to Scotland for the murder of Lionel (Ned Dennehy), while Cairo was imprisoned, Tom Christie promising him a fair trial… Fortunately, Jamie, rescued by Ian in extremis, sped off into the wind to save his wife. But so many people in Fraser’s Ridge end up turning against them…

Jamie and Claire’s world has been completely destroyed here.” resume the two stars. “Their popularity, the strength of their reputation, these are things they used often. But this time it’s strange. Their allies come in different forms, in this standoff with the Browns… Tom Christie, in a very strange way, comes to help them, but the situation they find themselves in now is tense. Jaimie is clearly going to find Claire and luckily she has a few allies left. But it’s a very different world now, as seen in the last two episodes. We see that the world around them is very unstable. The coming revolution changes everything. But you can count on one thing: Jamie will find Claire!

The filming of season 7 ofOutlander has already started. Released in 2023 on Netflix.

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