Ozark, season 4: a teaser and finally the date for the last part!

ozark season 4

“The end comes without warning”.

Season 4 ofozark finally has a conclusion date. One month after the release of the first part, the very last chapter of the Netflix series will go online on April 29, 2022. The streaming platform officially announces it with this scathing teaser, around Ruth Langmore, more devastated and pissed off than never !

The young collaborator of Marty Byrde will obviously be at the heart of this second part. After the death of her dear cousin and Darlene, murdered by Javi, the ambitious nephew of Omar Navarro, Ruth is going to freak out. Thought she was cursed, like all her family, she risks going “all in” and seeking her revenge, whatever the cost…

It remains to be seen how the Byrdes will get away with it… They have 7 episodes left to find a solution.

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