Ozark: the date of season 4 revealed in a first trailer

Ozark season 4

The first part will arrive in 2022. The continuation and the end of the series will be broadcast a little later in the year.

After unveiling a first shocking single last month, Netflix has just posted the first teaser for season 4 ofOzark and in passing announces the release date: it is on January 22 that the first part of season 4 will be shown, which will be the last of the mafia drama. The second part, which will mark the end of the series, will be broadcast a little later.

A little reminder is in order: at the end of season 3, in March 2020, Wendy ended up delivering her own brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey), while Helen (Janet McTeer) tried to get rid of the couple at the same time. Except that it is she who will be killed when the trio arrives in Mexico. The boss of the Navarro cartel (Felix Solis) dies her before hugging Wendy and Marty, completely shocked and bloody: “Today is the start”, he will say in the process.

Meanwhile, on the side ofOzark, Ruth (Julia Garner), fallen in love with Ben, will decide to cut with the Byrdes and to team up from now on with Darlene (Lisa Emery) and Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) …

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