Ozark: the end of the Netflix series explained

Ozark: The End of the Netflix Series

Part 2 of season 4 is online and brings a conclusion to the adventures of Marty and Wendy Byrde… What should we think?

It had to happen one day: we said goodbye to Marty Byrde, Friday, on Netflix. The last part ofozark was put online, with the last episodes of season 4. A bloody finale, of course. So ozark, how does it end? Warning big spoilers!

This concluding chapter saw Marty and Wendy juggle Omar Navarro and his sister, Camila Elizonndro, Javi’s mother, who Ruth chose to butt after he murdered Darlene and Wyatt. The local power couple has finally opted for Camila, who therefore takes over the activities of the Cartel, not without having her brother executed. Omar was shot during a fake transfer. He is dead and Camila inherits full powers. She ends up learning that it was Ruth who killed her son and decides to go and shoot the young girl herself. The Byrdes are trapped. They cannot intervene. Ruth is tragically killed in the final moments ofozark, when she had finally managed to create a life for herself, with money and power, by fiddling to obtain the property of the famous Casino, the Missouri Belle. devastated,
Marty and Wendy return home, ready to start a new life with their children… but Mel Sattem, the tough private detective on the trail of Ben, goes to the end of his investigation and discovers the ashes of the brother in their house. Incorruptible, he will send our survivors to the hole for many years. But Jonah and Charlotte arrive, shotgun in hand, under the proud gaze of the parents… The son shoots. It is assumed that he shot the menace and that the Byrdes, more united than ever, were able to leave the ozarkfor real !

The main thing was to really be true to the story we were telling.”, comments Chris Mundy, the showrunner, in the Hollywood Reporter. “We’ve always been pretty brutal over the seasons, so we didn’t want to chicken out at the last second. At the same time, you want to surprise until the end… But until that last second, we wanted to remain ourselves!”

The Byrdes therefore assume their criminal nature, at the end of the series. Every member of the family was able to make it out alive and Wendy’s dream should be able to come true. They are indeed able, by the end of the series, to lead a life of their own and politically connected to Chicago. Omar Navarro, Ruth Langmore and Mel Sattem did not survive it.

“These people make a lot of terrible decisions, obviously. I love them all despite that.“, resumes Mundy in EW. “I don’t know if I would feel that way living with them for real, but I think they deserve their redemption. Although I doubt that it actually takes place. I don’t know if they will ever get there, but I hope so for them…”

Of course, Ruth’s death will still be difficult for fans to accept.ozark : “She is the easiest person to love on the show. Everyone supports Ruth. We love her, she’s trying to uplift herself, and she’s been underestimated all her life…” says the showrunner, but actress Julia Garner immediately tempers: “QWhen someone says to me ‘poor Ruth’, I answer directly: don’t forget that she killed her uncles anyway!

Ultimately, Jason Bateman feels that the Byrdes are “maybe heroic somewhere, in that they go through things few people could survive. There’s a certain heroism to all of this, though, admittedly, the Byrdes are clearly not doing anything typically heroic…

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