Ozark: the essential recap of season 3 before season 4

ozark season 4

Because it’s been two years since we last saw the Byrdes on Netflix.

It’s the beginning of the end for Marty Byrde and his family. The first part of season 4 ofozark is online since today on Netflix. And, almost two years after the broadcast of season 3 (it was in March 2020), a little recap is much needed.

“Who owed money to whom? Who works with the FBI? Who tried to kill whom? And who quit?” Netflix had the good idea to upload a long recap video, which recalls the important moments of season 3 ofozark.

When Marty and Wendy opened their casino. When Uncle Ben showed up and almost blew everything up, before being executed at Helen’s request. Which led to Ruth leaving her mentor to join Darlene’s poppy business with her dear cousin. And then finally, Navarro, the boss of the Cartel, chose to give the keys to the truck to the Byrdes and to remove Helen, without any other form of trial…

How are they going to get out of this now? Beginning of response in the first part of season 4 ofozark, which includes 7 episodes. The last 7 will be broadcast later in the year.

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