Ozark: “The last part will be released around spring 2022” [exclu]

Ozark season 4 Ruth

Julia Garner has already filmed the final episodes of the fantastic Netflix series. “It was very moving,” she tells us.

While waiting to turn into a usurper of genius in Inventing Annanext week, Julia Garner is still the amazing Ruth Langmore ofozark. The first part of season 4 was released a few weeks ago on Netflix and we are now eagerly awaiting the sequel and the end of the series.

Because yes, there will be no season 5. The second part of season 4 will be the last. Seven episodes to conclude the adventures of Marty Byrde in the Ozarks. Seven episodes to give Ruth the beautiful end she deserves.

“We have completely finished filming already. The last episodes are in the box” entrusts us Julia Garnerwho immediately reveals to Première: “The second part will be released around spring 2022.”

So there won’t be too long to wait, before seeing the end and finding Ruth freewheeling, after her epic final freakout…

Waiting to see this Julia Garner confesses to us that, for her, the filming of this last burst ofozark was very special:

“It was very moving. On the one hand, we were happy because we were able to finish ozark in the top. It was perfect because you should never go too long in a series, to avoid it becoming bad… Afterwards, very selfishly, I could have spent the rest of my life working on ozarkso much I love my character, so much I love the whole team.”

And Julia Garner to conclude with a little pang in the heart: “It was a truly special moment in my life and I will never forget it!”

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