Pam & Tommy are beautiful, sulphurous, crazy and absolutely fascinating (review)

Pam & Tommy

The indefinable series recounting the lit love story between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the middle of the 90’s, arrives today on Disney Plus.

It’s raw, it’s ass, it’s ballsy! There is no other way to say it: Pam & Tommy is a series that dares. A biopic unlike any other. A kind of television UFO as crazy as the initial pitch imagined by Seth Rogen and his comrade Evan Goldberg (to whom we already owe the adaptation of The Boys).

How did they come to think that it would be cool to do a series telling the buzz around the sex tape cult of Pamela Anderson? We would have liked to be at the meeting (or the party) during which all this was decided. In any case, the result is up to the initial delirium. Between improbable farce, hyper-sexed romantic comedy and nostalgic painting of the culture of the 1990s, Pam & Tommy form a resolutely fascinating creature.

The credit goes largely to the star couple: Lily James and Sebastian Stan. The sweet and fragile Lady Rose of Downton Abbey makes a spectacular moult. Simply unrecognizable, the English actress slips in a carnal way into the low-cut red jersey of the naiad ofBaywatch, absolute sex symbol of the decade, courted by all of America. A fatal beauty that connects romantic relationships as burning as they are ephemeral. Until the day when… In a nightclub, she comes across the drummer and leader of Mötley Crüe, a rock superstar with a reputation as the crazy sex god. It’s love at first sight. Right away, they love each other. Very quickly, they get married… and record their naughty honeymoon! A sex tape that an angry carpenter will steal a few weeks later, rejected by the star couple…

Seth Rogen, with a flattering mullet cut, is the perfect loser tired of looking out the window at the lives of the rich and powerful in Hollywood. A loser who discovers the joys of the Internet and uses the digital revolution in the most lewd way possible. It’s funny. That’s crazy. It’s libidinal.

Tommy Lee talks to his penis in an anthology sequence. The torrid antics of the fusional couple infuse the first episodes with a certain eroticism. Corn Pam & Tommy is also a fascinating love story, more gritty than romantic, but no less touching. Beyond the farce, the series has the ambition to tell the human drama behind the sex tape. Or how a young 28-year-old actress, pregnant, was forced to display her libido in front of the whole world, to assume her sexual life made public without her knowledge. A violence that transpires from the very first scene of the series, when we see Jay Leno heavily teasing the star on his famous video during his late show

Pam & Tommy manages to take the step of the saucy and to cause a sincere empathy for the bimbo deprived of intimacy. Not sure that Pamela Anderson, who did not give her blessing and especially did not want to be associated with the project, is of this opinion.

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