Papi-Sitter: Chafouin grandpas [Critique]

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grandpa sitter
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Yet another variation on the theme of generational conflict. Uneven but quite nice.

grandpa sitter, in theaters in March 2020, will be broadcast for the first time unencrypted this Sunday, on France 2. Is this comedy with Gérard Lanvin and Olivier Marchal worth the detour? Here’s our review, originally posted when it was released.

Philippe Guillard had surprised his world with his first film, Jo’s Son, in 2011. To say that at the time we weren’t expecting much from this former rugby player who became a journalist and later a director is an understatement, yet he managed to move and pleasantly surprise with a personal story. Nearly ten years later, he reformed his couple of actors (Olivier Marchal and Gérard Lanvin) this time for an assumed popular comedy: Grandpa Sitter. We follow two grandfathers responsible for helping their granddaughter – Camille Aguilar, very good in the annoying genre – to pass her baccalaureate due to the unexpected departure of her parents… Surfing on the wave of films of retirees confronted with the younger generations (Back to my mother, happy retirement, The Student and Monsieur Henri, Tanguy the return…) which are generally the delight of the box office, Grandpa SitteIt was a good idea to combine the confrontation between rebellious teenagers and retired grandfathers with that of the confrontation of the educational visions (and of life in general) of the so-called retirees. The second part of the film ensues, the best part, a sort of “War of the Roses” sixty-year-old versions, jubilant and inventive, under the bewildered eyes of the high school graduate forced to ultimately become the adult of the trio. Gérard Lanvin has a field day in the role of the psychorigid former policeman, excelling in the art of repressed anger, while Olivier Marchal tries his hand at clownish composition with, let’s face it, some successes. If the whole, umpteenth variation around a theme that is beginning to run out of steam, is certainly not very original, it has the merit of not claiming to be. And it’s all to his credit.

Papi Sitter – Gérard Lanvin: “Having grandfather roles means above all that we are still there”

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