Papi-Sitter – Gérard Lanvin: “Having grandfather roles means above all that we are still there”

Gerard Lanvin and Olivier Marchal
Nicolas Bellet

With his comedy Papi-Sitter, Philippe Guillard offers Gérard Lanvin (69 years old when he leaves) and Olivier Marchal (61 years old) their first roles as grandfathers. Encounter.

On the occasion of the release of Grandpa Sitterof Philippe Guillard, First had met the team. With this comedy on the conflict of generations, he reformed the winning duo of his first film, the very touching Jo’s Sonthis time offering Gerard Lanvin (69 years old in March 2020) and Olivier Marchal (61) their first roles as retirees. Obviously, the two actors took this funny gift with jubilation, ensuring the show of a film that does not seek to be anything other than what it is: an assumed popular comedy. We had met the film team during the Sarlat 2019 festival to talk about it with them.

Papi-Sitter: Chafouin grandpas [Critique]

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