Parliament: the political satire that will reconcile you with Europe (review)

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Jo Voets / France.TV

Incompetent MEPs, imbitable institutions, and a young first in trouble, this is the explosive cocktail of this comedy to watch for free online.

While season 2 of Parliament arrives on France.TVChannel 5 will re-air its first part tonight, originally uploaded in April 2020. We are reposting our review of this highly successful series below.

The creator of Parliament is a fan of Veep. And it shows. Noah Debre and its co-authors, who work or have worked at the heart of the European Parliament, have signed a wacky and joyful comedy on the disembodied institutions of Brussels.

A satire that recounts the delicate apprenticeship of a young parliamentary assistant, who arrives to work for a French MEP completely overwhelmed by events. Trapped by lobbyists and politicians of all kinds, the newcomer will find himself embarked on an impossible mission: to pass an amendment to the Fisheries Committee, to protect mutilated sharks in the Atlantic…

Parliament achieves a tour de force: making us laugh with Europe. The improbable functioning of the institutions is mocked without complacency in this farce which does not mince its words and plays the card of scathing humor to the fullest, to point the finger at the gas plant that the European institutions have become over the years. . The series does not hesitate, in passing, to pass off the MEPs for incompetents arrived here by chance, in a universe where the technocrats – not elected – are the true guardians of the temple. Without sulking his pleasure, we laugh in front of the panic fear of Michel, who does not know – and especially does not want to know – how Europe works. Inevitably, we are ironic in front of the stupidity of the British MP, pro-Brexit, who has no awareness of what she has done and who solves the Irish dilemma by proposing to abandon… Northern Ireland!

Yes, Parliament is funny, scathing, but also endearing, thanks to a gallery of improbable characters, coming from the four corners of the Continent. Xavier Lacaille (seen recently in Valid on Canal Plus), and the rest of the cast, manage to give body and soul to the raw absurdity of the preposterous muddles that make up the life of the European Commission. Very quickly, we get caught up in the game of shenanigans and misunderstandings. A perfect binge-watching, especially since the 10 episodes (of 25 minutes) are available free and in full on the France.TV site.

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