Paul Dano will play Steven Spielberg’s dad: “The challenge is really big”

The Fabelmans is inspired by the director’s own childhood.

Next January 25, Paul Dano will be alongside David Lynch, Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams on the poster for The Fabelmans, inspired by the life of Steven Spielberg. A universe very different from that of the villain of The Batman!

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the interpreter of The Riddler confides in his role, a challenge that he describes as sizeable since he will play the father of the director. “Someone like Steven who makes a film about his life and you play a version of his father, … the challenge is great“, acknowledges Dano. Arnold Spielberg died in 2020, at the age of 103.”In a way, it was a hell of a pressure because of that. You are one of the most important, influential and complicated figures in life. [de Spielberg].

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With The Fabelmans, he explains closing the Batman chapter to open a new one. “Sometimes people say to me, ‘Oh, you always do great performances.’ Other times they say to me, ‘Oh, you are always very calm.’ I don’t know what people think of me, but even though the relationships are complicated in ‘The Fabelmans’, the character is beautiful, and I think he has a big heart. After playing the Riddler, it was nice to work with that part of me that was more focused on being a parent and a husband. […].

If The Batman is the biggest blockbuster in which Paul Dano has played, we must not forget his former performances, thanks to which he has carved out an all-terrain actor’s costume since his revelation in Little Miss Sunshine, in 2006: from There Will Be Blood to Love and Mercy via Swiss Army Man and Prisoners, he has multiplied significant roles at only 37 years old. He will therefore soon add this father figure to the heart of the semi-autobiographical family drama The Fabelmans. There is no doubt that this challenge will be met.

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