Paul Verhoeven finds that the last James Bond films lack sex

So did the Marvels, by the way.

Benedetta coming out these days in the UK, and as usual, its director Paul Verhoeven does not mince his words during his promo. “Sex is the essence of existence”explains the filmmaker to The Times about this film mixing eroticism and religious reflections. “So why do we see so few of them in the cinema?”wonders the 83-year-old director, who has left his mark on audiences with his explicit thrillers such as Basic Instinctwhich has just celebrated its 30th anniversary.

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“Without sex, there is no more species, why make such a secret of it?he continues. There is a new form of puritanism. These last decades have been crushed by the evangelical thought which wants that sexuality is evoked only for a family purpose: a man and a woman unite to make children. It’s simple, it was removed from the movies. In the 1970s, you could talk about it. But now, as many decades have passed, those movies are impossible to make. It would be really hard to shoot a Showgirls or one Basic Instincttoday.”

Referring more specifically to mainstream Hollywood cinema, he adds: “These movies are all about stunts and explosions. Sometimes they’re fun, but their storytelling doesn’t say anything about us right now. Neither Marvel nor Bond. There’s always been sex in movies. Bond! Well, you couldn’t see any breasts or anything, but it was about sex.” Except in Dying can wait, indeed, the last opus worn by Daniel Craig and released last fall at the cinema showing nothing explicit. An episode which visibly disappointed Verhoeven, who, if he admits having appreciated Casino Royale with the same actor, specifies not having liked No Time to Die.

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