Peacemaker will go very far: “James Gunn crosses all limits!”

Promised, the HBO Max series derived from The Suicide Squad has imposed no barriers.

James gunn has exceeded all possible bounds for Peacemaker, his series derived from The Suicide Squad. Described as an action comedy that will explore the origins of the character played by John cena, this series was written and directed by Gunn himself, alongside producer Peter Safran. The latter promises today in front of the American press than Peacemaker will go far. Very far.

Do you want to know if there are any limits he didn’t want to cross? Let me tell you that when you work with James gunn and that the guy wrote all eight episodes, it’s pretty hard to find a line that he won’t cross! So I don’t know if there is a milestone that we have not exceeded … In any case, during the filming of the 8 episodes, we did not see a single one … “

First photo for Peacemaker, the spinoff series of The Suicide Squad

James gunn himself admits that Peacemaker is a “hero with a lot of problem. He is a racist, chauvinistic and belligerent American hero. It’s hard to make him a hero to become attached to. But we didn’t have a big discussion saying to ourselves: well, we will have to make this character sympathetic etc. No ! We just tried to make him a human character, as much as possible. “

The director goes on to explain that the interest of this spin-off on Peacemaker, It is exactly “that he has a lot to learn… So many things, that one season is not enough in fact. But it is this ability to evolve that makes him become a little more sympathetic. His ignorance is pretty awful sometimes, and other times it’s just that he doesn’t know … That’s an important distinction to make. “

As teased in the second bonus scene of The Suicide Squad, the gunslinger was saved by ARGUS, who needs him to “save the world“. Peacemaker, in eight episodes, will launch on HBO Max in January 2022. All episodes were written by James gunn, who also completed five.

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