Pete Docter Reveals One of Inside Out’s Big Mysteries

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Disney Pixar

The director takes stock of the “sexed” emotions of the characters of Vice Versa (this evening on W9).

This animated film from Pixar studios may have been one of the biggest successes of 2015 (over $850 million in revenue), but one question still burned on the lips of viewers about Vice versa at the time of its DVD release: why are the emotions nestled in Riley’s head made up of three girls (Joy, Sadness and Disgust) and two boys (Anger and Fear) while the “brain district” of the heroine’s father is only inhabited by male creatures and that her mother’s emotions are all born in roses?

Why we cried in front of Vice Versa

The most plausible of the theories circulating on the internet to explain this difference relates to the young age of the character. Indeed, Riley, 11 years old, is at the dawn of puberty. His sexual orientation is a priori still unclear, which could justify the mix of his emotions. Is this really the idea that wanted to convey Pete Docter ? “I would have loved to have had a profoundly philosophical answer to give you, said the director of Vice versa at HitFix, but we made this decision simply to serve the comedy. The viewer had to know immediately when we were in the mother’s head, without it being too complicated for the children. By simply putting a mustache on the father’s emotions, the problem no longer arose”.

Pete Docter: “Vice Versa is the most ambitious project in Pixar’s history”

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