Petit Paysan: “This film starts from a necessity”

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small farmer interview

Swann Arlaud, Sara Giraudeau and director Hubert Charuel tell us about the film Petit Paysan.

Little Peasant received three Césars: best first film, best actress in a supporting role and best actor. First had met its creator Hubert Charuel, and two of its award-winning actors, Sara Giraudeau and Swann Arlaud, during the last Cannes Film Festival 2017. Flashback, while the film will return this evening on France 3, as part of the Cannes special cycle organized by France Televisions.

Small peasant: Murderous milkman [critique]

Little Peasant recounts the daily life of a cow breeder, Pierre (Swann Arlaud), in his thirties, of his veterinarian sister (Sara Giraudeau) and his parents from whom he took over the business. As the first cases of an epidemic broke out in France, Pierre discovered that one of his animals was infected… We met the director and his two actors on the Critics’ Week beach.

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