Petrov’s Fever: the mind-blowing trailer for Kirill Serebrennikov’s film

The Russian film had ignited the Croisette when it was presented at Cannes this summer.

“An outrageous, violent, sick delirium, which ends up inspiring” : that’s how First described the new film of Kirill Serebrennikov, Petrov’s Fever, presented at the Cannes Film Festival last July. A real favorite of the editorial staff, this Russian fantasy is his fifth feature film after Leto, released in 2018.

Selected on the Croisette in official competition, Petrov’s Fever recounts a day in the life of a comic book author and his family in post-Soviet Russia. Suffering from an intense flu, Petrov is taken by his friend Igor on a long alcoholic stroll, on the border between dream and reality. Gradually, Petrov’s childhood memories resurface and merge with the present.

The feature film is portrayed by Semyon Serzin, Chulpan Khamatova, Yuriy Borisov and Yulia Peresild in the lead roles. Dated for December 1st, the film is revealed to the general public with a first hallucinating trailer, where UFO and dollhouses rub shoulders as naturally as possible.

Petrov’s Fever: Kirill Serebrennikov’s Red Nightmare

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