Phew, Owen Wilson will be back in season 2 of Loki!

Loki Owen Wilson

The actor confirms today that he is not done with the MCU.

After the announcement of the return of Ravonna Renslayer, season 2 of Loki begins to take shape. This time, it is Owen Wilson who confirms that he will be present in the sequel to the Marvel series, resuming his role as Mobius within the MCU:

“Yes, Mobius will be back in Loki“, announces Owen Wilson to Wired. “And I think we’re going to start filming this season 2 very soon. I had a great time on Loki and I loved playing with Tom Hiddleston”, he specifies.

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At the latest news, the filming of season 2 of Loki was to start this summer. It remains to be seen how Mobius will return, knowing that in the last moments of the finale, Loki was teleported to the Time Variance Authority’s alternate dimension where Mobius no longer knew him…

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