Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin: “Making nature wonderful on screen helps to preserve it”

The Les Arcs festival – which will open its doors on December 11 – is a partner of the film Back to Mountain. Meeting with its director to talk about cinema and mountains.

How did the partnership between the Arcs festival and the film come about? Back to Mountain ?
Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin:
The communications department of the Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry estate came to see me in July, accompanied by the Merci agency, and they presented me with the project of a life-size trailer, which invites everyone to become the main actor of a film in Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry. Communicating the opening of a ski area by preferring and playing with the codes of cinema is not usual! I immediately found the idea brilliant. Because the return to the mountains and skiing is… December 11, which is exactly the opening date of our festival, which we were unable to organize in person last year. This operation therefore had a double meaning, a symbolic double while showing the attachment of Les Arcs to culture and cinema. It allows to spin the metaphor by playing with a whole form of the seventh art centered on nature, animals and adventure to tell the story of a return to the great outdoors, here, in Les Arcs. wanting to create this story made sense to me.

How did you imagine the trailer for Back to Mountain ?

The central idea was to show the mountain differently. Today’s ski resorts are in the midst of a renewal, they are asking more and more concretely about the repercussions of their current model. And Les Arcs is fully in line with this movement. She reflects on its ecological impact, the space around it and how to do its part. In recent years, there has been a real change in the way of approaching the management and construction of a ski resort. A change that is even more accentuated with the crisis that we have just experienced. So announcing that we are going to open the stations after two years of closure, is also to send the message that we want to reconnect with nature, the earth, clean air, keeping in mind the impact that we can have on all these elements. This is what we also do within the framework of our festival, with the Green charter of European festivals to which many other events have adhered, such as the Berlinale. I am convinced that people who go to the mountains today or will move there tomorrow are looking for stations that ensure they are in a closed circuit in terms of water use and have ecological solutions for their lifts.

Back to mountain: a sumptuous teaser for a dizzying film

You are also executive producer of The Snow Leopard by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Meunier, based on Sylvain Tesson’s book (in theaters on December 15) but also by The emperor by Luc Jacquet. Where does your strong and special relationship with nature and the mountain landscape come from?

I was born in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, and I grew up in a small village at 1300m altitude, in a world of Heidi ! We couldn’t always go to school because of the snow, we were surrounded by mountain pastures… I grew up in that universe, with the ski resort on the other side of the valley. I am therefore deeply attached to it and this is what prompted me to create the Les Arcs festival. In order to show something of the mountain, its beauty and its purity. As for nature films, I am deeply convinced of their impact on amazement in the world, an essential gesture in my eyes. Because making nature wonderful on the screen helps to preserve it.

Back to Mountain, directed by David Morille. Hit theaters on December 11th.

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