Pierre Niney is embedded in the new OSS 117 3 teaser

Discover agent 1001 facing Jean Dujardin in this video punctuated by … Archer’s soundtrack!

Gaumont just shared a new video ofOSS 117: Red alert in black Africa, the third part of the adventures of Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath (Jean Dujardin), which is directed by Nicolas Bedos. Always so overwhelmed by the world around him, the secret agent will have to team up with a young recruit, embodied by Pierre Niney. At first admiring “the legend” OSS 117, this one will obviously steal the spotlight quickly on the screen! In one minute, the introductions are made, and the tensions between the two agents, palpable. The whole is punctuated by a remix of the theme of series Archer, which also parodies the adventures of James Bond. Here is the video:

OSS 117 3: “The vast majority of the public understood the mechanism of satire”

Postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, OSS 117 3 is now due on August 4 at theaters. Here is his official synopsis: 1981. Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, aka OSS 117, is back. For this new mission, more delicate, more perilous and more torrid than ever, he is forced to team up with a young colleague, the promising OSS 1001.

And his poster dedicated to “agent 1001” played by Pierre Niney:

Pierre Niney is embedded in OSS 117 3 (poster)

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