Pierre Richard announces the start of filming of Vieux Fourneaux 2 in photos

“The old furnaces 2: Good for asylum” is revealed with a first photo of the set and an actor replaced in the main trio.

The sequel The old stoves, directed by Christophe Duthuron in 2018 and adapted from the comic strip of the same name, is revealed in a first shot of the shooting (which started in the Gers) shared by Pierre Richard, one of the main actors of the feature film.

Entitled The old stoves 2: Good for asylum, this new production is still signed by Duthuron, and includes many actors from the first film. We thus find Alice Pol in the role of Sophie, Pierre Richard in Pierrot and Eddy Mitchell in the skin of Mimile. Only change compared to the first part: Antoine will this time have the features of Bernard Le Coq (and more Roland Giraud as before).

Far from the original comic, this second “volume” of Old furnaces continues to recount the adventures of the three old men and of Sophie, Antoine’s granddaughter: to come to the aid of the migrants he was hiding in Paris, Pierrot takes them to the South-West to visit Antoine who himself already welcomes Mimile, in the midst of reconquest in love with Berthe. Expecting to find calm and pleasure in the countryside, the six refugees will especially taste the legendary hospitality of a French village. The perfect opportunity to shake off the fears and prejudices for Sophie and our three Old Furnaces, promoted to unexpected consultants of an electoral campaign that Larquebuse, the mayor of Montcoeur, is not ready to forget.

As a reminder, the first film had attracted 939,040 spectators in theaters when it was released in 2018. Its trailer:

The old furnaces: A comedy not so cushy [Critique]

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